Borhan Samei

Borhan Samei

Research Assistant,
Institute for Intelligent Systems
University of Memphis
Email: bsamei [at]

Borhan is a Computer Science PhD student at the Universty of Memphis, he is a research assistant at the Institute for Intelligent Systems.


My reserch interests include Natural Langugae Processing, Machine Learning, and Data Mining. I am interested in applying Natural Langugae Processing to model student and teachers interaction within tutoring environments e.g. classroom or intelligent tutoring systems. I apply machine learning to develop intellignet systems such as dialogue act classifiers which can be incorporated with intelligent tutoring systems and improve the performance and learning. I am currently a member of CLASS 5.0 project team where we are working on buliding an automated system to record classroom discourse and detect dialogic instructional moves.
I am also interested in more general applictions of Airtificial Intelligence such as document summarization and information retreival. A full list of my publications and detailed background can be found in my CV below:

Curriculum Vitae

Current Project(s)



I was born and raised in Bushehr. After graduating from high school I moved to Shiraz and started my undergraduate studies in Computer Engineering at Shiraz University.

I am also a musician, I play Persian traditional instruments: Setar, Tar, and Santur along with Guitar. After moving to Memphis I have continued my music ,as well as, reserch and education. Some of my music is available here.