The current focus of my research is the creation of an Intelligent Environment (IE) Laboratory.  An Intelligent Environment is a highly embedded, interactive space. Such spaces are generally used to study different forms of natural, multimodal human-computer interaction (HCI) while using the system in ways that do not necessarily fit into the standard idea of a computing task.  In addition, we plan to study ways in which ambiguous, multi-modal input can be used reliably and in ways that increases the robustness of the system.

Intelligent environments, like traditional multimodal user interfaces, are integrations of methods and systems from a wide array of subdisciplines in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) community. Subsequently, research can be conducted in several areas of AI and computer science including human-computer interaction, facial recognition, gesture recognition, emotion recognition, image processing, multi-agent systems, autonomous agent control structures, wireless networking, multi-modal interfaces, non-routine problem solving, dynamic action replanning, multi-modal sensory integration, and others. 

The IE lab will consist of one or more wall projected displays, an array of microphones, a wide-angle camera, a slim-angle camera with controllable (by the computer) pan/tilt/zoom, a speaker system for audio output, and several computer systems to run the various pieces of software.  On the primary display will be a “talking head” that will provide users with a focal interaction point that can display emotions and elicit a personal feel that could not be exhibited by a standard computer display.


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