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I am currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Memphis in the Department of Computer Science.  My current research involves mobile robotics and intelligent environments.  In particular, MIKI the Memphis Intelligent Kiosk Initiative is a project that I headed resulting in a prototype voice interactive kiosk for the lobby of the FedEx Institute of Technology.

 MIKI: The Memphis Intelligent Kiosk Initiative

Previously, I worked for Resource Consultants, Inc. on personnel issues for the U.S. Navy.  In particular, I have been involved in creating a web-based marketplace where sailors and commands can meet (virtually) and fill Navy jobs.  This marketplace is backed by a multi-agent system built from technology designed at the University of Memphis.  The preceding technology, called IDA for Intelligent Distribution Agent, is able to automate much of the work of its human counterpart called “detailers.”

My doctoral work included the IDA project and a new artificial intelligence mechanism, called neural schemas, that I designed based on Gary Drescher’s schema mechanism.  I have also worked on the AutoTutor project, also at the University of Memphis, attempting to create a computerized tutoring system that interacts in natural language through a “talking head” image.  Aside from just needing to be smart software, corollary studies are being done to determine how humans interact with the system and what pedagogical cues are useful for human-computer interaction.  Along with the idea of expressing emotion through a talking head, I also did research into modeling of emotions in computers in a way that integrated into their action selection process.

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