My current research interest lies in computational methods for analyzing genetic variants and profiling bacteria genomes in mixed genome metagenomics samples.

I am currently affiliated with the W. Harry Feinstone Center for Genomic Research, the Bioinformatics Program, and the Biomolecular Computing Lab at the University of Memphis.

My research collaborators include Drs. Thomas R. Suter, Olusegun George, Max Garzon, Ramin Homayouni, Steven Skiena, Pavel Sumazin, and Maharaj Mukherjee.

My Ph.D. thesis combines combinatorial optimization and local search. In 2003, we released DISCROPT, which is a metaheuristic optimizer that can be customized to address a wide range of combinatorial problems such as permutation problems (TSP, HamPath, Bandwidth optimization)....), subset problems (SAT, Vertex Cover, MaxCut...) and partition problems (Vertex Coloring, ...)