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AuthorTutor Publications
Graesser, A. C., DíMello, S., & Person, N. K. (2009). Metaknowledge in tutoring. In D. Hacker, J. Dunlosky, & A. C. Graesser (Eds.), Handbook of metacognition in education. Mahwah, NJ: Taylor & Francis.

Rus, V., & Graesser, A. C. (2006). The Look and Feel of a Confident Entailer, Proceedings of the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference, May 24-26, Genoa, Italy.

Rus, V. (2004). A First Exercise for Evaluating Logic Form Identification Systems, Proceedings of the Association of Computational Linguistics Annual Meeting, Barcelona, Spain, July 2004.

Rus, V. (2002). Logic Form for WordNet Glosses and Application to Question Answering, Computer Science Department, School of Engineering, Southern Methodist University, PhD Thesis, May 2002, Dallas, TX.

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