COMP 2700 Discrete Structures 001 (Fall 2020)

Lectures: M, W : 2:20 - 4:20 PM FCB 128


There is no textbook for this course. I may provide handwritten notes once in a while. We will try to closely follow the notes at . We may also use the book : Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, 7th ed. By Kenneth Rosen for reference.

Instructor Information

Name: Nirman Kumar
Office: Dunn Hall 307
Phone: (901) 678-3135
Home page :
Office hours : F 3-4 PM


Sahil Nokhwal ( Office hours Wed : 1-2
Bennett Poorman (

Course Description

Basics of Discrete Mathematics: Logic, Induction, Proofs, Number theory, Graph theory, Counting and discrete probability, Growth of functions and analysis of algorithms.

See the Course Syllabus here.

Schedule (Tentative)

Date Item Relevant link
M Aug 17th Introduction to course, Sets and set operations
W Aug 19th Set and set operations contd.
M Aug 24th Induction and HW1 HW1
W Aug 26th Induction contd.
M Aug 31st Induction contd. and HW1 due and HW2 HW2
W Sep 2nd More proof techniques
M Sep 7th No class - Labor Day!
W Sep 9th More proof techniques contd. and HW2 due and HW3 HW3
M Sep 14th Number theory
W Sep 16th Number theory contd. and HW3 due and HW4 HW4
M Sep 21st Number theory contd.
W Sep 23rd Number theory contd. and number representations and HW4 due
M Sep 28th Relations and Functions
W Sep 30th Relations and Functions contd. and Logic and HW5 HW5
M Oct 5th Mid-term Exam
W Oct 7th Logic contd. and HW5 due and HW6 HW6
M Oct 12th Counting
W Oct 14th Counting contd. and HW6 due and HW7 HW7
M Oct 19th Counting contd.
W Oct 21st Algorithms and Asymptotic notation and HW7 due and HW8 HW8
M Oct 26th Probability
W Oct 28th Probability contd. and HW8 due
M Nov 2nd Probability contd. and PA1 PA1
W Nov 4th Graphs
M Nov 9th Graphs contd. and PA1 due and HW9 HW9
W Nov 11th Graphs contd. + Problem solving
M Nov 16th Problem solving and HW9 due
W Nov 18th FINAL EXAM (1 PM - 3 PM)