COMP 2700 Discrete Structures (Spring 2021)

This course is WEB online and asynchronous so lectures will be made available on ecourseware as videos, or links to videos. However, we shall for the purposes of determining how many lectures each week (due to holidays etc.) will assume the lectures happen on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All the videos for a week will be made available on the Monday of the week.


There is no textbook for this course. We will try to closely follow the notes at . We may also use the book : Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, 7th ed. By Kenneth Rosen for reference.

Instructor Information

Name: Nirman Kumar
Office: Dunn Hall 307
Phone: (901) 678-3135
Home page :
Office hours : TBA


Course Description

Basics of Discrete Mathematics: Logic, Induction, Proofs, Number theory, Graph theory, Counting and discrete probability, Growth of functions and analysis of algorithms.

See the Course Syllabus here.

Schedule (Tentative)

Date Item Relevant link
T Jan 19th Introduction to course, Sets and set operations
Th Jan 21st Set and set operations contd.
T Jan 26th Induction and HW1 HW1
Th Jan 28th Induction contd.
T Feb 2nd Induction contd. and HW1 due and HW2 HW2
Th Feb 4th More proof techniques
T Feb 9th More proof techniques contd. and HW2 due and HW3 HW3
Th Feb 11th Number theory
T Feb 16th Number theory contd. and HW3 due and HW4 HW4
Th Feb 18th Number theory contd.
T Feb 23rd Number theory contd. and number representations and HW4 due
Th Feb 25th Relations and Functions
T Mar 2nd Relations and Functions contd. and HW5 HW5
Th Mar 4th Mid-term Exam
T Mar 9th No Lecture
Th Mar 11th Relations and Functions contd. and Logic
T Mar 16th Logic contd. and HW5 due and HW6 HW6
Th Mar 18th Counting
T Mar 23rd Counting contd. and HW6 due and HW7 HW7
Th Mar 25th Counting contd.
T Mar 30th Algorithms and Asymptotic notation and HW7 due and HW8 HW8
Th Apr 1st Probability
T Apr 6th Probability contd. and HW8 due
Th Apr 8th No Lecture
T Apr 13th Probability contd.
Th Apr 15th Graphs
T Apr 20th Graphs contd. and HW9 HW9
Th Apr 22nd Graphs contd. + Problem solving
T Apr 27th Problem solving and HW9 due